Monday, June 5, 2017

Driveway Alarm

Driveway Alarm

Don't be surprised again! Our driveway alarm kits will ring each time a visitor pulls into your driveway. They are simple to set up and very affordable.
If you think about it your driveway is just about the first line of defense of your home. Doesn't it make sense to protect the area around your home even if you have a home alarm system with a driveway alarm.
Our customers have told us of their family members who want to be notified when a delivery truck pulls into their driveway before the doorbell rings. Sometimes it is just more comforting being warned before a visitor is actually at the doorstep.
Wireless Chime Kit

Driveway Alarm Kit

Driveway Alarm Bell Kits

The Original Bell Kit & Milton Bell Kit

Original Bell Kit Milton Bell Kit

Complete driveway alarm bell kits

Dependable...Reliable...Durable... They have been around a long time!
Our complete Original Bell Kits and Milton Bell Kits come with driveway signal hose lengths from 25' up to 300' in length. The Original Bell Kit can operate with up to 150' of driveway tubing and the Milton Bell Kit can operate with up to 300' of driveway signal hose. The Original Bell kit sounds similar to a fire bell while the Milton Bell kit produces a clear "Ding-Ding" each time a pair of vehicle tires cross the bell ringer hose.
Both the Original Bell Kit and the Milton Bell Kit operate off of a standard 110V electric outlet. These bells, like most other electrical appliances, cannot be rained on directly. In order to operate safely and to prolong the life of the bell they can be located under the protection of a building overhang or inside.
We have replacement drive through bell hose made in the USA for your rugged commercial driveway conditions. Our hose comes in 25' increments starting from our shortest length of 25' long all the way up to 300' hose lengths. This driveway bell hose is not available at hardware stores or big box home centers is it made specifically for our bells,chime kits, and driveway alarm kits.
Driveway Hose
Our bell ringer hose hose is 3/8" inside diameter with an outside diameter 5/8".

Loud Wireless Doorbell

Loud Ringing Wireless Doorbell

Don't miss another delivery! Our long range loud ringing wireless doorbell kits are completely wired and ready to use.

Warehouse Doorbell
These loud ringing doorbells come pre-wired with 5' of low-voltage wire between the red bell and the wireless chime receiver. Adding more wire is as simple as untwisting the wire nut connectors and adding a longer length of wire and twisting the ends together again. You can purchase additional loud wireless bells with wireless chime receivers to cover a larger building or even multiple buildings.
Your Loud Ringing Wireless Doorbell Kit includes the following items:
  • One "Original" Bell low-voltage bell.
  • Wireless Chime receiver that can be set to play one of four ring tone options.
  • Wireless doorbell button.
  • Range approximately 2500' between the wireless doorbell button and the wireless chime receiver.
Multiple bells and chime combinations can be added to this basic loud ringing wireless doorbell kit to cover a much larger area. These kits are the solution for a loud work environment where you are missing deliveries because you or your employees can't hear someone knocking. A LOUD Ringing Wireless Doorbell would go a long way to solve this problem.

Vehicle Detector for Drive Through

Drive Thru Vehicle Detector

Know when customers arrive in your drive thru!

Our drive thru vehicle detector signals a chime that will ring each time a customer arrives in your drive thru.
Never miss a customer again with one of our drive thru vehicle detector chime kits.
We have several systems to choose from: Motion Detectors, Vehicle Detectors, Wireless Alarms, Original Bell Kits, Milton Bell Kits.

Warehouse Doorbell
The vehicle detector chime kit is very simple to set up. Simply mount the magnetic sensing probe beside the drive thru driveway. The vehicle detector probe comes with 50' of wire that attaches to a transmitter box. Each time the probe senses the passing of a vehicle in your drive thru a wireless signal will be sent from the black box transmitter to the chime inside. This vehicle detector chime kit has a wireless range of up to 2500'. The vehicle detector works by sensing the motion of a metal object that passes within about ten feet of the white PVC sensor probe.
Perfect for drive thru driveways with snow plowing, monitoring heavy trucks, forklifts and anywhere that a driveway hose cannot be used.
The white PVC detector coil can be mounted adjacent to the drive thru driveway as long as it is within 10' of distance of the moving vehicles. It can be mounted to a fence post, on the side of a building, or even to a tree as long as it is within 10' of the vehicles being monitored. The PVC probe can also be buried under a drive thru driveway and detect vehicles that pass over it. If you plan on burying the probe under a driveway we recommend sleeving the driveway with a 2" diameter length of PVC tubing and sliding our PVC detector inside that 2" PVC sleeve. The probe needs to be buried parallel to the direction of traffic for best results.

Warehouse Doorbell - Loud Wireless Bell

Warehouse Doorbell

Don't miss another delivery! Our long range warehouse doorbell kit comes completely wired and ready to use.

Warehouse Doorbell
Our kits come pre-wired with 5' of low-voltage wire between the red bell and the wireless chime receiver. Adding more wire is as simple as untwisting the wire nut connectors and adding a longer length of wire and twisting the ends together again.
Your Warehouse Bell Kit includes the following items:
  • One "Original" Bell low-voltage bell.
  • Wireless Chime receiver that can be set to play one of four ring tone options.
  • Wireless doorbell button.
  • Range approximately 2500' between the wireless doorbell button and the wireless chime receiver.
Do you often struggle or are unable to hear the doorbell at your warehouse or office. Are you tired of receiving phone calls from delivery people because no one is letting them into the building? Or even worse, receiving notices that a "Parcel could not be delivered"? A LOUD warehouse doorbell would go a long way to solve this problem.

Loud Doorbell

Warehouse Door Siren Kit
More and more businesses are shopping online and making supply purchases online. Sometimes when things get busy or if you work in a loud work environment it can be difficult to keep up and be aware of all of the items being delivered. Our commercial door chime kits allow you to keep your eyes on your business while being notified by a loud ringing door bell or one of our warehouse door bell systems. These commercial warehouse door buzzer kits are loud and even better they are expandable. This means that you can add on to an existing system or create a custom door bell system for your business depending on what type of commercial door bell you need. If you have multiple buildings or a very large work area or very loud area you can cover this with multiple doorbell chime combinations. Each wireless door bell chime will receive a wireless signal from the commercial doorbell button so it doesn't matter how many receiver doorbell systems you need. As long as they are within a 2500' radius of the wireless doorbell button they will activate the wireless chime bell. Our standard industrial doorbell kit comes with a commercial doorbell button / commercial door bell button, an industrial door bell, which is a wireless chime connected to a loud ringing bell. The bell is similar to a loud fire bell so when it rings it will get attention.

Wireless Bell

Wireless Bell
After all, it can be very difficult to hear a standard warehouse doorbell buzzer inside in a commercial warehouse space. Your offices don't even need to be very big to encounter this issue. Common background noise can easily mask the sound of a standard warehouse doorbell. Manufacturing and production facilities that have forklifts, compressors, and power tools can mask the sound of a standard warehouse doorbell. Plus, it is not like your employees are going to be sitting and listening for the warehouse bell. They are going to be concentrating on their tasks at hand. Our warehouse doorbell comes pre-wired with a red low-voltage Original Bell, wireless chime receiver and a wireless doorbell transmitter button. The price is very reasonable for this complete and easy to install system. We have a broad assortment of warehouse doorbell systems for you to select from at, ensuring the perfect solution for you. If you need something louder or more attention grabbing than our warehouse doorbell kit take a look at our Chime and Siren Kit or our Strobe Light Kit. We have a wide range of solutions to suit all budgets too, with prices starting from less than $100. If you need a helping hand on choosing the ideal system for you, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We'll be happy to help you make the right decision for your warehouse doorbell needs.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

We often receive feedback from our customers regarding their purchases.  I wanted to share this particular email:

My grandmother lives alone.  Her driveway is 1/4 mile long and where she lives has a lot of trees.  She is forever being surprised by someone ringing the doorbell because she doesn’t know they’re coming up her drive.  More often than not, it’s her pastor coming to visit, or her best friend coming over for coffee.  But the UPS man has startled her a couple of times, and once an aggressive solicitor caught her gardening in her front yard.  If she had known he was heading up the drive she would have gone inside and avoided the incident.  

I bought her an Orignal Bell kit from  Now whenever someone drives into her driveway, she is alerted and knows to keep an eye out for them.  Never again will she be surprised or scared to have someone walk up on her unaware.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Driveway Bell - Perfect for Bussinesses with a Lean Operating Budget!

As a result of the recent poor economic climate, many businesses have had to make cutbacks in the form of staff reductions, in order to save money. This means that there are many businesses out there that now have to operate with less people, meaning there are fewer eyes available to look out for customers and help them with their queries. If you feel like your business is struggling on a lean operating budget, you may want to consider installing one of our driveway bells. This bell will alert staff on shift, ensuring they are ready to greet the customer and provide them with an excellent service.

With the help of our driveway bell, your business will be able to operate with fewer employees, as those employees will be aware when customers arrive and leave your business. Even if they are busy carrying out other tasks, the bell will sound, notifying them that they need to stop what they are doing and deal with the customer. Take a look at some of the businesses we believe could benefit from installing our driveway bells below.

Install a driveway bell on the premises of your car rental company, so you know when customers are picking up and dropping off the vehicles.

Rental companies              

If you own a vehicle rental company, it is likely that you will have customers picking up vehicles and dropping them off throughout the day. Whilst you may not need many staff on the premises, it is important that the employees that are on shift are monitoring the clients picking up and returning your vehicles. Installing a driveway bell will keep staff notified of the rental equipment that is being driven off the premises and returned. The bell will signal, so they can make a record of the incoming and outgoing vehicles, and to ensure that their records are up to date.

Drive-through businesses

Drive-through staff are usually very busy, especially if they have to serve customers over the counter, as well as at the drive-through windows. A fantastic way to ensure your drive-through staff are meeting the needs and requirements of customers is to install a driveway bell. The bell will sound when a car pulls onto the drive-through, so that the employees are aware that there are new customers requiring service. The more alert staff are, the quicker they can communicate with the customers, providing excellent customer service. Quick responses also enable a business to benefit from increased productivity, allowing them to make a higher profit in a single day.

Make sure your drive-through staff are ready to serve customers by installing a driveway bell.

Donation facilities

We believe that our driveway bells could also benefit those running donation facilities. By installing a driveway bell, staff will be notified when a vehicle arrives, so they can head out and give the customer a hand with unloading the clothes they want to donate. The more attentive and helpful staff can be, the more likely people are 
to return with more clothes to donate in the future.

Our driveway bells

From looking at our website, you will see that we have driveway bells for all kinds of businesses. Whether you run a drive-through takeaway, a donation facility or a rental company, your business will greatly benefit from having a bell, as it will keep your staff alert, giving them the opportunity to provide a better service to customers and generate a greater return.


Although the poor economy and lean operating budgets have meant that many businesses have had to reduce the number of staff they employ, it does not mean that their business or customers have to suffer. With the help of our driveway bells, businesses can ensure that their staff are alerted when customers arrive, so they know they need to be ready to provide them with the best customer service possible.
Image credits: JohnSeb & K Mick

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New product launch – The Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit

Today we want to talk about a brand new and exciting product that we will be launching here on our website in the New Year. The product is called the Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit and as its name suggests it’s designed for heavy duty use. Here we will provide you with all of the details you need to know about the product, as well as information about the sort of businesses we think will find it beneficial.

Our Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit can be used to alert individuals of a vehicle approaching a truck scale.

Product information

The Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit is designed to detect the presence of a vehicle and alert the staff on-site. In order to work it requires a 12-24VDC/VAC. The bell provides a form “C” set or relay contacts to indicate the presence of a vehicle. This particularly product has a response time of two seconds and an operating range of between 1ft and 5ft. It has output delay options of one, two and four seconds. The Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit has been designed with patent pending Triangular Planar Array Technology making it one of the best heavy duty bell kits on the market. The bell kit is wireless and does not require the use of a driveway hose.

 Who will use it?

Our new sensor is aimed at businesses that work with heavy weight vehicles. This is due to the fact that heavy vehicles would simply destroy the driveway hoses included in many of our other bell kits. The Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit is designed for truck scales and material recycling scales. It will inform members of staff when a vehicle is approaching the scales. The bell kit can also be installed in stone yards, concrete yards, steel yards and municipal utilities districts. It could even be used in an environment like an oil field where having hoses is impractical.
If your drive-thru accommodates large, heavy duty vehicles, you may also want to consider making use of our new bell kit. Any facility with bill payment windows like drive-thru restaurants, pharmacies, banks and car parks will benefit from using the Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit.

The Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit is ideal for using in steel yards and concrete yards.

Benefits of the Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit

One of the main benefits of our Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit is the fact there is no need to use a driveway hose. The device comes with a detector coil which can be mounted on a post or on the side of a building. When a vehicle moves onto the scene, the transmitter box will send a signal to the receiver chime, alerting the employees on-site.
Our bell kit will work out to be a much cheaper alternative to traditional vehicle loop detectors as instead of being installed underground, it can simply be placed on a post or box and aimed at the location where vehicles pass and stop. The bell kit couldn’t be easier to install above ground!
You will also find that our Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit will help to streamline your operations. No longer will your customers have to wait to be served by you, as you will always be alerted of their presence. Improving the speed of your operations will help to increase your business’s overall levels of efficiency.
Our new bell kit is built to last. It is made from the finest materials so it will last you years and years. We also offer bell testing and maintenance services which can help to keep your bells in tip top condition.


The Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit will be available to purchase directly from our website in 2014. If you have any questions about it or any of our other bell kits and products, feel free to drop us an email and we will make sure we get back to you as soon as possible!

Image credits: Pavel P & Nik Calamvokis

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Super Bowl Commercial & Milton's Bells

In 2012 Milton's Bells was contacted to see if we would be interested in donating one of our vintage Milton Bells to be used in a Super Bowl TV commercial.  We were told that the commercial would be advertising the new 2012 Chevrolet Corvette and would be submitted, along with several others, to compete for air time during the 2012 Super Bowl.  Naturally we were very excited to participate and loaned one vintage bells for the spot.

Tower Conoco Station, Shamrock Texas, Route 66
The commercial was shot in Shamrock, Texas and opened with panaroma of this classic art-deco gas staion on old Route 66.

A vintage Corvette, that seemeds to be driven a ghost, pulls into the gas station at night.  As it slowly rolls to a stop it drives across the bell ringer tubing, rings the signal bell waking the gas station attendant.  "Ding-Ding"

A close up shot of the old gas pump shows the dials turn as the car mysteriously fills up.

Just as soon as the car has filled its tank it miracuously transforms into a brand new 2012 Corvette and speeds off.  The surprised gas station attendent to run outside just in time catch a glimpse of it all.  In the end the commercial did not air during the Super Bowl but we were very excited to be a part of it.  It brought to life a great old gas station and piece of Route 66 history and, of course, features one of our vintage Milton bells.  It can be viewed here on our site and on YouTube.